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Cfl vs 2 foot fluro's


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hi fellow 420ers, i had a few things on my mind ,i was wondering if anyone can help me with/give info on .

firstly i would like to know what people's opinions are ,on cfl's vs 2 foot fluro tubes for both veg and flower, ie 3 cfl in a small cab setup- 2 cool white 1 warm white. and in a slightly larger cab, 4 x 2 foot fluroecents 2 cool ,2 warm white.

just curious to find out what peoples opinions are

the other thing ive been thinking about , is it possible to veg then flower then veg again and still get similar or same yield amounts crop after crop.

and are there any problems involved with this , also any other tips or hints are greatly appreciated..:Namaste: thanks and happy toking



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T5HO > CFL. When you say 2 foot flouro is that what you mean? The flower to veg thing is slow from what I have read here, it would be faster while you are flowering one plant to have another vegging.

Have you looked into LEDs? They are about the same heat output as CFL / T5 but offer better results.


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You want to get Fluorescent bubs as close to the buds as possible. Because of the shape of plants only the tops can get to the lights. If you have CFLs you can dangle them between plants and maximize lighting efficiency because of the raiding nature of the bulbs.


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thanks for the input guys:thumb: , yeah i ment 2 foot, long fluro tubes, have looked into led's, still pondering wheather to buy one or not. can leds be used with cfl's or t5's for veg and flower,
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