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Cheap Massive C02 production

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This is the best recipe I have found so far to get massive c02 production and a pretty tasty, strong wine afterwards. You can also use beer yeast and get a beer recipe.

A really tasty one is with apple cherry juice.

Check out the video to learn how to DIY co2. Oh, at the end of the video, I say use a rubber glove. Don't. Doesn't work. Instead, use a balloon with only one hose.

Also, for even more co2, put a vibrating stone cleaner under your brew, or also called a tumbler.

Or attached a powerful vibrator massager.

Get lots of CO2 for your Grow, cheaply - YouTube

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Someone asked me how long this produces c02 for. About 10 days or more. If you want more simple ingredients that are just as effective, use ...

tomato paste/raisin (or yeast nutrients)
Champagn yeast
Some lemon juice

This is what I have brewing now. You can mix it with orange juice once finished for a nice drink. Or distill and make into your favorite drink.

I use the yeast nutrients I bought from Amazon. A bag goes a long way, many 5 gallon brews. Over 100. Super cheap. Cheaper than using raisins and tomato paste.

I also have a gallon brewing, same recipe as above but I added cherry, apple juice.


618 posts in 6 months . . . . .wow . . .!!! haven't you been a busy little beaver . . . . as oppossed to me with my 50 -60 posts over the last few years.

My mate who grows (and who I assist where I can . . . . too old and too much of a criminal record to afford getting lumbered again doing it meself !!), has been looking at CO2 for a wee while lately, but his philosophy is to do it low tech so he can't be accused of "being professional." Here in New Zealand there's a lot of hydroponic growing going on (and it 's very gang related) and as soon as you start installing carbon odour scrubbers, and state-of-the-art hydro setups, etc you are deemed to be a "pro" and there's no get-out-of-jail-free -unless you grass everyone you know up !! He figures it's easier to look like a personal use grower (which is what he is really, 'cept for a couple of cancer patients he sells tooat bargin basement/super cheap prices!!) So anyway you asked for some feed back so here it is. I'm going to download your thread to a stick and take it round to his place, play it on his old laptop !

Cheers LEDRF


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LEDRF these are very informative and very impressive tutorials you make. I shall christen you the Marijuana MacGyver! Lol I tip my hat off to your brilliance and look forward to reading your future posts! :thumb:


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Thx, man. I just finished building my DIY turntable vertical grow. I will be posting the video of it soon, talking about what it does and how I built it. Each turn table only costed me $35 to build. They hold up to 70 lbs.

Looking forward to your future DIY videos. This thing worked out really well and I made some tasty wine with this I tip my glass to you! :thanks:MAJOR PROPS LEDRF!!!
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