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Colloidal silver first attempt, success but afraid pollen won't spread


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Hi all I hardly post cuz I read so much here and hardly have questions, I'm using c's (colloidal silver) on my Girl Scout strain and I'm trying to cross pollinate all my other females . Since I made the female produce male female flowers already I'm feeling hopeful but as the flowers opened I noticed a lack of pollen ,or frankly better worded NO POLLEN, is this normal or did I do something wrong?

Or do female plants sprayed with c's end up with lower pollen quantities ?
I've seen full on males before and the pollen would dust the lower leafs with a coat of pollen but my plant is not doing that at all and I grab a male female flower and it doesn't leave any pollen whatso ever...

I'm trying to cross like 9 strains here so I'm pretty upset if it doesn't work! Lmk what I can do to enhance the pollen production or of this is normal too I'd appreciate it, 420 mag has never let me down yet...:420:


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Well, I just finished my first colloidal silver experiment, and it was interesting, nonetheless. If you're interested, you can see my progress in my journal, with relevant information starting on page 3, and seed harvest this week (pictures later today).
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Some things I learned - The 'nanners' or male flowers form inside the female calyxes (I believe) and when they start to dry out, the 'nanners' hang down by tiny strings, dry out, and then release pollen. I had trouble getting mine to release much pollen, but you probably have a better setup. I didn't get a very successful seed harvest, but I was successful in creating 3 strains (I believe), with a total of 54 seeds. Not all seeds had time to properly mature, and I got many fewer than I thought I would. It also seems that not all the pollen I took was viable, as some of the branches didn't produce any seeds.

That said, I would say that when you notice her start dropping pollen, place an oscillating fan near it, to spread it around the room. Or collect it, painstakingly like I did, and selectively pollinate branches of each plant.

Hopefully some of that was useful, and not just rambling!

Also, check out this old journal I found during my research, with some more good info:
Producing Feminized Seeds Using Colloidal Silver
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