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Czech Greens Activist Fight For Legalization

Jim Finnel

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Penc has 5,000 posters printed for his campaign. The poster shows him, posing in hemp plants in front of his house, with the inscription "Live Healthily, Think Freely," the paper says.

"There is a high number of people who use hemp for medical reasons or for its relaxing effects," Penc, former dissident who now runs an organic farm, told the paper, explaining why he wants to stir up a debate on marijuana in connection with a new penal law prepared by the centre-right government.

"It is nonsense to criminalise up to one-third of young generation," said Penc, hinting at the estimated amount of young marijuana users in the country.

The planned penal code, dividing drugs into two groups, softens the current legislation as users of the light drugs would face up to one-year sentence only. However, it is to include a new article banning hemp cultivation without a permit, which Penc criticises.

He wants to display his posters, for instance, in clubs all over the country to launch a public discussion about this issue.

"I have been growing hemp for years," Penc says.

Penc, who led the Greens list of candidates in the Hradec Kralove region, east Bohemia, in last June's general election, intends to run in the regional polls next year. However, he assured the paper that his material in support of marijuana is no election poster.

The paper says the Czech police now must deal with Penc's own hemp cultivation to which he confessed in the campaign. Penc faces at least a fine for it.

Penc, who is breeding goats at his farm, drew attention earlier this year when he organised a petition against the planned monument of founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud at Kozi placek (Goat Square) in Prague's centre, arguing that a statue of goats should be placed there instead.

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