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Dealer Reports Marijuana Theft To Police

Jim Finnel

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A 20-year-old California man surprised police when he called them to report his marijuana had just been stolen at gunpoint.

The Felton resident first claimed the drug was for medicinal purposes, a police spokesman said, but later admitted he had been waiting to make a drug deal when two men pointed a gun through his car window, The Los Angeles Times reported Saturday.

It is likely the robbers were prospective customers, police said. They are being sought under suspicion of armed robbery.

The would-be dealer -- though he eventually said he regretted calling police -- was not charged because all the drugs that had been in his possession were stolen, the Times said.

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wonder how much safer places would be if cops protected all robbery victims equally an so it goes... seems regardless
armed robbery is armed robbery whatever they take current thug culture scares me are the violence rates going nut over little things every where?
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