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Drilling oil offshore begins, Bush approves.


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With a move like this, it's obvious renewable sources of energy isn't even a concept. Inconceivable is the many uses of HEMP . This offshore drilling is in blatant disregard to the environment and a short answer to the already perpetual and well anticipated acknowledement of the oil shortage to come. This compounds the speculation of dependancy on oil and redeems the thought that LEGAL HEMP may be a fragment of our imagination.Even Obama doesn't seem as if there is an inkling of a movement toward renewables like HEMP.

and another topic related to hemp

This disregard for such a versatile plant one that could save the very "EARTH" that the very government is taken away slowly. This earth is the fertile soil of the farmers that are growing pesticide , and fertilizer layden crops that are destroying our soil/earth around the world. Thanks to DUPONT , there are speciies and varieties of plants and crops that are totally extinct due to their indoctrination of what "SUSTAINABLE" farming is. Completely mutating the seeds of the future for farmers , Dupont has done the contrary to what they say they are actually trying to achieve. There used to be pure strains of cotton grown in India, that yielded much more than the nasty "robot" seeds they sold. With this decline in yield, thanks to DUPONT, comes FARMER SUICIDES that have occured at an alarming rate. 3000 farmers since 2005 have committed suicide due to the lack of yield that these seed manufactures said would come. With debts at 40,000 rps, these farmers have no way out but to kil themselves and sometimes their own families.

I have discovered a documentary about farmers in INDIA, and this very topic.
I discovered this video from the NEPALESE MOUNTAIN FILM FESTIVAL.


This story shows the big corps , DUPONT stealing livelihoods from these farmers.

watch both episodes on google video.

I believe if hemp were grown around the world there would be such a BOON to the global farmers and economy it would be incredible.
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