Drooping Leaves

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Hi guys, kindly educate me. regarding my case. I have one baby, that's part of a three set of grows... the other one shows drooping leaves right now... can't seem to find the cause... is it natural for the leaves to droop before flowering...
A picture tells more then a thousand words.. :nomo:

-It could be nitrogen deficiency? ..perhaps from overwatering? (witch is a common newbeginner-mistake).
Mine droop when the need the dark cycle, or if my fan is pointed directly down on them. They should perk up if everything is good on your nutes, it could be a heat condition too. I run my temps between 70 and 79. The Berry Boom Im growing likes it cool. check out the other link I sent and hope it helps...best of luck, and if you want fast help it always helps to add pics to do with your question..
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