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I need some help About a week ago the leaves on these 2 week olds started drooping. Till that point I was just watering them with regular bottled water and they were doing just fine. The day after this started I had just received some advanced nutrients piranha so I mixed very little into the water i was watered them with and left them alone. Each day after that the leaves didn't get any better, so I thought it was overwatering so I let the soil get really dry so dry the leaves were getting brittle so I had to water them. Now they are still drooping but not brittle anymore. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, this is my first "test run" grow since Im not expecting these to be females and while I wait for the female seeds I ordered to get here. I want to know what I'm doing wrong so when my
seeds get here I can have a successful grow. Thanks for any help you guys can offer.
She's just over fed bro. Once you go from plain water to nutes, there's always some type of shock. Let her dry out, then feed regular water, dry out again, then resume nutes. Always start out 1/4 strength then add from there as she progresses.

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Thanks for the info I'll do that, do you also think I could keep them in these small pots until I can sex them? I feel like it would be a waste moving these to bigger pots jus for them to be males. Thanks again

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Yeah, you should be fine bro. I normally start seeds out in solo cups and they'll stay there till I know what I wanna keep and what I gotta toss.

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Any time your plants begin to droop you can be certain your roots are dying from a lack of air. She needs time to replace the old suffocated roots by growing new roots. While she is recovering she will continue to look droopy but all you need to do is give her space and stop over watering her.

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