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Dry Koolbloom in DWC


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Hello, this is my 1st time growing inside, i have grown outdoors organically a handful of times, but i wanted to try my luck with dwc. This is the 1st time ive used nutrients like General Hydroponics flora trio (what im using) with most additives except flora nectar, diamond nectar, and armor si (using botanicare silica blast for now) just wanted to know how to use dry koolbloom in dwc as i only go 1/3 recommended dose (on bottle) same ratio though, but should i go full strength dry koolbloom? (dont think so, was gonna try 1/4 recommended dose of the bottle). What do you guys do and how do u use?

Chris Scorpio

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Not sure why ya got dry, but ok

I always go additives, like koolbloom liquid that I use, at full strength

Additives are adding to your system to fix, promote, or subsidise what base nutes don't have, or, because yer not running full strength base ...

That's me, but always yer call


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just wanted to know how to use dry koolbloom in dwc
Sparingly, lol, late in flower after you have already discontinued the Liquid KoolBloom product.

And, since you're giving a strong booster of an element that's already present in your FloraBloom, be sure to watch for signs that you've added too much.

Nutrient recipes are NOT one-size-fits-all things, they're just general guidelines. They'll get you through your first day or two of growing your very first cannabis plant very first plant, but you should learn to read your plants and adjust your nutrient strengths and ratios accordingly. There are multiple FAQs and charts to help with this on every cannabis-related forum in the known universe.

But, generally speaking, yeah... use sparingly and late in flower after you've already dropped the Liquid KoolBloom from your feeding program.
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