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DWC - Grow 400w MH


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Tent -1.2m by 2.4m
Light -400w mh digital ballast batwing
Support lights- 2x 30w grow panels
Media - Dwc basket clay balls
Nutes- nutrifeild A-B plus cargo boost & vegignitor
Res - 100L x3 air ration pumps 1x recirc pump
Air- 1x inlet 3inch oulet 4" attachable carbon 2× clip fans

Ph 5.7 to 5.9
Tds 660

Strands unkown Id if you can

Sit back relax and watch it grow


4weeks coco plants sprouted at the same time dwc 3x faster growing

6weeks into veg 2 heavy prunes only the 4x dwc plants remain coco outside to transition to flower increased nutes 800ppm

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