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Eat your Marijuana or No Ice Cream!

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Feeding children marijuana seeds sounds like a pretty good idea to me. Firstly, they contain very little THC to get the babies all high and potentially do something funny to their rapidly developing brains. Secondly, seeds otherwise introduce an unforgivable harshness to the dubbie, dude. Why aren't we giving infants this wonder seed? The answer is simple: because, in America and Old Europe, we aren't all so starved that we have been reduced to feeding our children the seeds of discarded industrial sources of fabric and paper. In other fine nations struggling with the diminutive size of their buffet tables however, this may be more of an issue.

So, the burning question is, can we actually feed children hemp seed? The answer is of course; unfortunately they'll die eventually of malnutrition if you don't feed them something else. It is a very rich source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids as well as polyunsaturated fats, so they'll at least go out with gorgeous hair and skin. The protein content is very high, but is it high enough in all essential amino acids? Chuan-He Tang and friends explored that idea in their recent J. Agric. Food Chem article (2006, 54, 8945-8950). The results of their study indicate that feeding infants hemp seed extract as a sole source of food will deprive them of amino acids they may otherwise need to continue to live. Adults, on the other hand, can survive on hemp oils just fine, so long as they have some other source of protein, which they can easily get by eating other people. Apparently hemp seed is a great way to get all those good fats starving people need, but the protein in them doesn't dissolve well and thus may not be biologically accessible. It nevertheless contains everything an adult needs with the exception of tryptophan and a few vitamins and minerals.

Modification of the Hemp plant to produce seeds with greater protein solubility and increased lysine would be a good first step in alleviating malnutrition around the world, though we can do this with soy beans just as easily. The conclusion? Well, if you've got the munchies from smoking part of the plant, you can eat the rest and it'll keep you healthy for a little while.

Source: Eat Your Marijuana or no Ice Cream! | The Chem Blog

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I love hemp "hearts" (hulled hempseed) and I love eating the seeds whole as well. I have some that are roasted and salted. The main problem is they are so expensive that they can only make up a small portion of my diet. If hemp was legal to grow in the states once again, the price of seeds would go way down after only a few years. The more crops going in out on the praries means a steady decrease in price. When it is legal all over the States there will be a glut of seeds. When the price comes down to something like a dollar a kilo ( just over 2 pounds) you will see many more people getting into the business of making oil and hempmeal and popped hemp,just to name a few. Most will be little Ma and Pa kitchen table businesses that will hopefully grow. By then they may actually be growing their own stock.


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Freshly picked sun grown sativa grind finely and mix with liquid aloe into a paste for easier ingestion and better healing. Jack LaLane Cooked food is dead. Heat releases THC but kills the healing ganja nutrients for real ganja healing. inject ganja paste up you yazooo for colan cancer. hemp oil=cancer cure !!!
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