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Firecrackers - Successful

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6 Ritz Crackers
"Reduced Fat" Peter Pan Peanut Butter
Vegetable Oil
.5 Grinded up Mids
Aluminium Foil


Preheat Oven to 320* F on Bake

Take the crackers and spread enough peanut butter on them (can be messy if too much peanut butter)

Take the weed and evenly sprinkle it on top of the peanut butter on 3 crackers...

Dab your finger in the Vegetable Oil and spread it on the cracker with weed+peanut butter and the cracker with just peanut butter

Put the crackers together and microwave for 15 seconds...

Grab the Crackers out of the Microwave and aluminium foil them up so there is no air getting to the crackers....

Place on baking sheet and bake for 22 minutes

After they are done baking take off the aluminium foil and microwave again for 15 seconds

Wait for them to cool down and then enjoy!!!!

***** I do not eat 5-6 Hours before this *****

It took me an hour for it to kick in but there has been times where it hasnt worked!!! but for me it worked each time... my buddies made it with a lot more weed and they felt it but they came down on it fast. Our eyes were very very red and we didnt smoke!

This is exactly how I did it and I do understand that there are different ways but this was with using what I had in hand at the crib... I know you SHOULD use Natural Peanut butter but reduced fat worked for me.

Good luck to those who use this! :48:


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IMO the toaster should work fine.
maybe i shall try this tonight, my husband isn't to receptive to eating, he would rather smoke. So while he is gone tonight i think i will try this:3:


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just worked for me...i made it with wheat thins though...and .5 g of some better than average bud...:3: weed food just needs fat to absorb the thc...


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These things killed me for about 4-5 hours after I ate two with .25 grams each of some grandaddy purple from the club in frisco, but eating them was almost unbearable. Anyone got any suggestions to make them tastier? like chocolate or something?


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Word to the wise, guys: In the original recipe, it called for brushing of olive oil over the top. When baked, the olive oil absorbs the thc as the heat breaks it down. If you dont cover your pot with olive oil, it wont do much good. You can eat a bag of buds but unless the thc is changed into its burnt form(smoked, baked, extacted with alcoholl), you wont absorb it. My advice would be to make some weed oil or butter to put on the crackers. Or even whipping weed butter into organic peanut butter. The recipe sounds good without the weed. So dont be worried about how you get the thc into you. Heat that shiiiiit.


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My firecrackers are ALWAYS successful -- here's how I make them

I don't use peanut butter, there's a product out there that is an organic SunFlower butter -- like peanut butter... but from sunflowers.... super super super super dank and extremely oily.

Ritz crackers work best cause they're oily.

You want a thin layer, not so thin that the butter is transparent... but thin. The thicker it is, the less will be cooked fully.

.3 or .4g of bud is all I use, ground finely.

330*F for 23m30s, let "marinate" (cool down)

Eat with empty stomach, chase with milk. Smoke 30 minutes after or when you feel it kicking in to knock you into a new world.


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So ... I just make butter.... I made some with 1/4 lb....to 3lbs butter.... after i squeezed it through the cheesecloth I probably got 2 1/2 lbs butter. I make cake with it. After 45 min. I swear you can feel your hair growing( and thats only eating one peice....) I am the greatest baker ever!!!
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