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First few weeks of flowering


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Heres some pics of my plant i have in my closet its about 2 1/2 weeks into flowering on a 12/12 light cycle, jsut looking for some feedback and tips let me know what you guys think :tokin:

Matanuska Valley

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Your plants look good. You have the lights as close as you can get them to the plants.:yummy:
All I can say is... :welldone:

MV... :;):


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Aren't the lights just a bit too close? I guess because they (appear to be) flourecents, they can't be too close... but traditionally they seem to be too close.


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Nah if it were any other lights they would be (except for mayber LED) but for fluorescents its fine, they could be touching the bulbs and it wouldnt hurt anything thoe things put off almost no heat, I made sure before i let them get that close:MoreNutes:


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Well guys my dads decided to let me use the ol' 1000W MH a try on my plants this is onlythe second day ive had it on it so theres not much of a difference yet i just want to show you guys the difference in the light output you can see in the photos,this is the origanol fluorescents i was using the light is almost a white,
, and heres with the ol'1000W MH,
the light has an oragny red tint to it,
, hopefully this will upgrade the yeild ill get from it now :tokin:
I also noticed that this mofo puts out alot of heat but that might be because its from the 70's, yeap thats right the 70's my aunt and her ex-husband used to grow some killer shit at herr place when my father was young, so the new ones might not be aas bad but it get HOT!!!
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