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First grow week 10,how im doing?

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1k hps space 3x4,how my girls doing? Only few brown are showing,trichomes are clear,ph little high 7.2 7.3.Here are pics,can I expect 0.5 gram per wat or 06,or even 0,7 gwp yield? I never seen how something average looks like,strain big bud,well to me looks like they dont look really big bud lolz :/ But i think they still have much time to go because of clear trich and white hairs...Opinions pls? :cheer::volcano-smiley:

I believe only 1:4 have that genetic trait for the really big bud but looks good. Have u cleared out any of the lower stuff? Is this week 10 in flower or week 10 from seed? I believe big bud is indica dominate strain that usually goes 7-8 weeks in flower. Looks kinda blurry but still nice. Surprised by the purple hue to them I didn't realize that was a characteristic of big bud. I wonder if there is a northern lights cross in this train somewhere.