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Fixing broken percs?


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So I have this Phire double perc bong that has been sitting around collecting dust because I can't bear to throw away $300 worth of glass, even though it's broken. I have another bong, so if in the process of trying to fix the broken one it breaks completely, oh well.

I've been wondering if scoring the tube all the way around, then trying to break the glass along the score would work. I have no idea if scoring works with some kinds of glass and not others.. anyways I'm thinking that, if I can just open the tube, I can kinda half-ass fix the percs with superglue and epoxy like I did on my other bong (not the percs but where the downstem goes). It won't look pretty, but oh well.

I know it can be professionally fixed, but I 1) don't know anyone who does this kind of work and 2) don't feel like spending much (if anything) on this broken piece.


So does anyone know if scoring the glass will allow me to break the glass along the line?


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Man that is a nice looking bong where is it broken from? im just curious i dont know anything about fixing broken bongs but it caught my attention, i dont blame you for not wanting to throw it away still looks pretty good


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How much money would you wanna spend to get it fixed?. There are a few glass blowers out there that will fix bongs depending on where the break is. I can't really tell from the pictures but where's it broken? If the percs are broken I'm not sure what could be done. If a base is broken you can do all sorts of crazy shit.
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