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Hi guys I’m into 6 weeks of flowering I have one plant the bottom of my plant has a lot of bushyness to it extra leaves to me can I prune into 6 weeks of flowering I did prune before flowering but seems a lot is there. Also how many weeks do you think it would be till I’m ready to harvest? I’ve also attached some pics...


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Do not defoliate that plant! That canopy is very thin already -that girl is skin and bones she needs every leaf possible! Can you get some better pics and perhaps without blurple?

Looks to me like it’s couple weeks into flower and has a way to go, were all of those pics taken at same time?

That plant is very leggy, that typically happens when they don’t get enough light. I’m thinking she started growing good before you got your setup complete? Maybe next time top after she gets to 5 nodes.
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leggy, skinny, ect can be the result of poor lighting - wattage - distance from plant, ect -- you are in late flower that when the plant build big buds this is when lighting is most important, light wattage and distance from plant
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