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glass jar? storage


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ok,say you have some bud and its cured already ,ready to smoke..but you wanna store it and get a little more potency from it,i noticed if i keep my buds in glass jars thy tend to get dry pretty fast...but my freind keeps his in tubawear and they dont dry out. i have the glass jar inside a tv stand cabinet...anyone else have the same problem? guess im wonderingwhat you guys thing is the best method of building up the thc whil being stored without drying out the weed...i know most of you will say use the tubawear,if thats your only answer,im still wondeirng how the glass jar makes them more dry


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Glass jars are the best in my opinion. If using tupperware be sure it's never been used for pickles and so on! Sounds like your buddy is placing Bud in containers before it's to dry. I've been using glass jars for a VERY long time! Just remember to open lids for a few minutes every 2 or 3 days for air replacement. Do this a couple of weeks until it taste just right. PS. Not sure it improves THC, but it is more mild, making the High a nicer experience.


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Ibid to glass.:peace::3:


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Find a glass jar with a small enough opening to shove a cork in there. Otherwise, use wax paper like someone else said. If your using the canning jars that i'm assuming your using, I guess it isn't an airtight seal.


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i use glass and vbeleive it works best, like every one else is saying, i am guessing you are notgettng a good seal.


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I've had great results with glass! Mason jars are the best! They keep your meds fresh, potent and stinky! :cool027: Remember to remove the tops for a few minutes a couple times a day as someone else sugested. Also, make sure you use the right size jar... meaning, if you are storing an oz. the jar should be full of meds with little or no air space. If storing a a quarter for example, you would want to use a much smaller mason jar.

Your issue with the meds drying out to fast are from either a bad seal on the jar or to much air space in the jar. Good luck! :allgood:
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