grafting weed


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Hi guys, I used to graft trees with lots of success, has anyone tried grafting 2 different types of plants? How did it turn out, or didn't it? :thanks:
I have in the past. Dutch treat one branch rest blue rhino. It does work but I felt it had no added benefit for the time it took. If I was only doing a few plants I may try again.
I am on my second attempt at a graft, and am not enjoying too much luck. I would like to have one mother with 5 plants or so, but so far, I just have 5 plants and one chopped up mother! My first attempt may have worked, but I rushed changing its environment, and took off the tape too soon. That one I did with a cleft cut, my second one I tried a straight scarf joint. I think it is easier to work with than the cleft cut. I am going to try a third attempt, soon, but I have to leave town for work, so...
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