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Hey guys! I am a new indoors grower currently growing 2 feminized plant; Northern Lights & Euphoria. I finally took the time to create an account here to get some answers about my plants from you professionals out there :D

They seem to be growing relatively short for the amount of leaves they have, although they are only in their 2nd week. From what I understand, this is a good issue to have, but can someone explain why they grow short? And if this can cause problems later? I am using a 300w led 30-50cm from the plant and I am growing in all-mix and just recently started adding grow nutes to the larger one (Euphoria).

Thanks, I happy to finally have joined this community!

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Welcome to 420 magazine Denstore
The plants look like they are doing just fine.
You have soil in those pots , I’m a hydro and it’s early this morning. If you hit the block top left , scroll down to grow , select then select journals, then how to make a journal. You are in position to start that journal. Any question you have will be answered by several 420 Growers !


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They look like happy and healthy indica dominate plants. I wouldn’t worry to much at this point. Here’s a link to help you start a grow journal so you can give information on your grow and have others follow along.
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