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Grow area Dilemma / Cold temps

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This is my first grow. I have three baby Blue City Diesel clones that were given to me. Soon I will be picking the winner and running with her.

My options for grow space are limited. Growing in the house is almost not going to happen. They are in the house right now, but I will need to move them out as they get bigger and start to smell. More than likely these will need to be indoor grows but outside either in the garage or in a garden shed of some sort. I live in the upper Oregon area. It's Fall now and temps are starting to lower and get cold.

I am torn between CFL and LED. I like CFL due to cost, but seems like I've read that LED is going to be better because I can get more watts. And from what I've seen LED units seem to take up less space.

I need to create a grow area that can be very inconspicuous. Something that is not going to draw a lot of attention especially if it's in the garage. Last night I was browsing the web and came across a setup called the Space Bucket. Space Buckets | DIY indoor gardening This looks like a cool option but a little cramped. But I did think maybe running to Home Depot and picking up a large garbage can and doing the same type of thing.

Now, here is probably the BIGGEST issue I have.... Heat...
if my grow is out in the garage or a shed of some sort, I'm going to be facing heat issues. Lets say that I did go with a garbage can type grow space.

* Do lights from either CFL or LED produce enough heat to keep the plants warm?
* How cold can plants get before it starts to affect them?
* How much fresh air do plants need?

But then again... I can't rely on lights for heat once they go into flower... So, then I'm stuck again. Which leads me to ask... Is there anything like a small little micro heater that would put out just enough heat to keep a plant warm inside a garbage can?


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Use HPS, as they produce more heat (batwing reflector also), in addition to an oil filled radiator heater as they are more efficient than space heaters. HPS is still king for flowering anyway. Get a ushio bulb. There ya have it.


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" Not only that but when it's flowering time, HPS would not do any good for a heat source."

Care to explain why using HPS wouldn't add heat during flowering?
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During flowering as I understand it, it's a 12/12 cycle. When the lights are off, they wont produce heat... At least that is the way I understand it. I fully admit that I am new to this and there could be something about HPS that i am unaware of.
When cold was a problem for me, I added a small space heater to come on when the lights went off ( all hps) to keep my temps in range. They come in all sizes and some have auto shut offs when ideal temps are reached. This would be my best bet to solve your problem.


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Thanks man, no worries.

Here's what I do. And I grow in an attic thru the winter at 8000+ ft in the Rockies. I grow in an attic thru the winter months. Using HPS alone I can heat the flower room during lights on period. When the lights come off a timer kicks on an oil filled radiator heater. $50. That has a built in thermostat and combo works nicely.


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Pelonis brand heater I believe. Comes with a led that you would wanna disable. I documented that somewhere in a journal.


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With led u will be paying for heat 24/7 instead of half the day.
i agree i will be doing the same as mentioned above . when lights are on the heat from the light will be perfect . but when those light go off i will be using a small heater to keep temps in range . as an example its low 50s were i am now and i have a 8 bulb t5 in my veg room and the temps are at 78 degrees at 40 %rh . it allot harder in the summer when you are fighting higher temp issues because the heat from the lamp is no longer needed and some sort of chiller or a\c is used . the leds will pay off in the summer . if u want led go led just prepare for to use a heater in the winter . i guess it would really depend on if your live were its cold most of the year or hot most of the year .


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Good points,
If I lived in Phoenix I'd be using LEDs and AC.
Since I live in the Rockies I use HPS and heater 9 months of the year and I simply took a break from flowering plants for 3 months this summer.
If you are going to grow outside in a garbage can size area, that does not leave a whole bunch of room for a standard heater.

My suggestion would be a product like flexwatt, it costs around $5 a foot for the 11" wide version. I would use enough to cover nearly the entire interior of your grow area. The flexwatt can be controlled by any standard line voltage thermostat to a reasonable degree.

If your going for a larger area for your grow space, other options would be better.

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if you're up to Mcguyvering something. I've seen incandescent bulbs used as a heater. they made a metal light proof box with a hinged door that housed the bulb and wired to a thermostat.