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When the word cannabis is uttered, the image of the famous leaf shape is immediately recalled. Leaves are in fact the least potent part of the plant next to the stem and the roots. The cannabis plant can be divided into six main sections; they are the bud, stem, branches, nodes, leaves and main cola.

The next thing to note is that plants have genders. They can be male, female or a mixed gender (hermaphrodite condition). There is also a condition of the female plant called sinsemitta that growers and breeders alike need to understand.

Male Plant
The male plant contains low levels of THC and does not taste very good, but it can produce a high. Growers only cultivate male plants for pollen so that they can make cannabis seeds.

Female Plant
The female plant, when pollinated, produces THC but also produces seeds, which
Prevents larger quantities of bud from growing.

Hermaphrodite Plant
Hermaphrodite plants contain both male and female organs. If the pollen is viable, the plant will automatically pollinate itself (selfing), resulting in a crop that can never be sinsemilla. Although most strains have the ability to become hermaphrodites under poor growing conditions, there are some cannabis plants that are genetically hermaphroditic and this disorder can not be reversed–even under optimal growing conditions. Avoid growing these genetically hermaphrodite plants because they do not help the cannabis gene pool.

Sinsemilla Plant
A non-pollinated female (sinsemilla) plant will produce more flowering buds and more quantities of TH C than the male plant or a seeded female plant. The buds produce resin, which contains THC and can drop down onto the leaves. When fully mature, it should produce a very pleasing high, depending on the grow method, the strain of plant and time of harvest.

It should be the goal of every cannabis cultivator to grow non-pollinated female plants because these produce the best yield. The goal of a cannabis breeder is growing cannabis seeds and plants of quality.
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