Habitual Cannabis User Faces Jail


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A HABITUAL cannabis user, involved with an Ipswich youth club, faces jail after being caught with £800 of the drug just months after being handed a suspended sentence in January for posession of cannabis and of an offencive weapon.

South East Suffolk Magistrates' Court heard that Marcus Livermore, 35, of Bramford Road, Ipswich,pleeded guilty after he was found to have more than 150 grams of the potent "skunk" variety of the drug when officers executed a search warrant at his home on March 22.

Naomi Turner, prosecuting, said besides the drugs, officers also found weighing scales, cannabis seeds, drug paraphernalia, and hydroponic growing equipment. During his interview Livermore claimed the drugs were for personal use and he would routinely buy large amounts to last him up to a month, purchasing up to £100.00 worth of cannabis at a time to enable him to smoke his five or six joints daily. He said he had the scales to make sure he doesn't overdose when rolling a joint."

Roger Thomson, mitigating, said police had overestimated the value of the drugs. The drugs weighed five ounces when wet but it was on a tray drying as the person he bought it off had only just picked it and once dried it would reduce its weight by two thirds. He also went on to say that Livermore's cannabis habit was "entrenched" but said he smoked the drug privately and did not affect other people.

Magistrates put off sentencing until April,24th so reports can be compiled.

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