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Having supplies sent to the house you're growing in

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If none of the boxes are marked, what's the danger? I always hear not to have supplies/seeds sent to the same place you're growing at. I'm wondering, has anybody ever been busted by doing this? If your seeds get seized by customs, which is apparently a 5% chance, are they going to take the trouble of notifying your local law enforcement that you ordered seeds? I ask because I had all of this crap delivered to my house without really thinking about it. Should I just send everything back and abandon the whole idea?

I live in a very rural place with plenty of privacy and won't be telling anybody what I'm doing.. so having things delivered to my house is the one thing I fucked up.


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I don't know where you are or how repressive the authorities are. I'm in Canada and honestly I think law enforcement doesn't have the time, budget, or any interest to worry about small personal grows, and hasn't for years. If it saves you needless paranoia then it's wise to work out an alternate address - but it may be just for peace of mind more than because there is a real risk. Don't underrate peace of mind, of course. I think that the mail order you did is just not going to be any issue for you at all.
Dude!! Don't abandon!! Don't send it back. I'm in the states to. No worries bro. The cops are dealing with a massive heroin outbreak!! They ain't worried about us lowly smokerz!!

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Most of the growers here are American and I'll bet that almost everyone gets their supplies directly. Maybe if you are ordering Huge amounts of grow supplies it could cause a red flag to go up somewhere. Even then I highly doubt it. There are so many legal growers out there. It just seems beyond the point of practical sense for law enforcement to start following that mail order trail to try and set up an investigation on the receiving end. If the products are illegal they can just seize them. A real investigation is going to need a lot more evidence than that- extended communications between departments and people on the ground snooping around your grow. That costs money and time they don't have and I just don't think they care to go that far to try and bust some little home grower who may or may not be legal. What is the payoff for them to spend all that time and money and paperwork- it's not like anyone is going to pat them on the back for busting a few plants. They mostly only do that if it they have to because it's staring them in the face- or as an excuse to search for other suspected 'criminal activities'.
Grows are most likely to go down from loose lips and careless habits- smell, etc. Without solid evidence in front of their faces most cops couldn't care less- just don't stick your neck out.
But like I said- peace of mind is important, so if you think paranoia is going to disturb your sleep then it's best to take extreme measures.
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You know, the problem with little rural towns, the cops have very little to do. Home growers get raided regularly around here, but it's always because of an anonymous tip or an informant. They get super excited about raiding a 70 year olds personal plants, get dressed up in their swat gear and play GI Joe.


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That sucks. I used to live in a place like that. Local cops won't be getting any phone calls from customs agents though IMO. Snoopy postal workers are another story but they are not allowed to open mail. I've never once in over ten years ordered any grow supplies that did not arrive very well packaged and discretely labelled. Never once have missed an order of anything gardening related or had anything opened at customs. It comes down to covering the security bases at home and- No tell, no smell, no sell.
I live in the dirty backwards south in the US. Had everything shipped here. Our cops are jackboot GI Joes but they and probably any other police dept just doesn't have the manpower for such a small thing. I think the concensus is ^ no tell no smell no sell.
Supplies are no issue in most every case. I never worried about this. Seeds on the other hand, complete the picture. This is only important if someone cares, is looking at you already, or building a case against you. Proper OpSec absolutely calls for ordering to an address you're currently not, nor have any intention of growing at. That said, I don't know of a single time where small seed orders morphed into a bigger case leading to a grow operation.


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I ordered all my stuff online too. Including seeds. I read in Ed Rosenthals text book to never order online after the fact and it made me nervous too. But I haven't had any problems so far..knock on wood..I really don't think they are gonna mess with small timers either.


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I really don't think they are gonna mess with small timers either.
<SHRUGS> I read about "small-time" cannabis busts two or three times per week.

If you don't want to deal with getting someone to let you receive deliveries of {don't ask, just packages ;) } to their house, go for a walk and find an empty one, then set your lawn chair on the porch and read a book on delivery day. If you're really paranoid, lol, find one that has grass up to your waist, throw your lawn mower in the truck (or trunk), go park in the driveway, then haul out the mower and start mowing. If anyone other than the courier wants to know what you're doing there, tell them you were concerned about rats and snakes biting children so you decided to mow. They'll probably come back with a cup of coffee for you. As far as that goes, there are plenty of 70- / 80- / 90-year olds that shouldn't ever try to mow their own grass again, but they have to do it anyway. You can surely figure something out that comes with a karma bonus....