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well I guess I should introduce myself, My names Clinton, call me clint or whatever you please,lol. Ive been smokin herb since my freshman year in highschool, which was back in 99. And it was love at first toke. Ive pretty much smoked everyday since then. Ive heard ever stereotype and been the target of such since then. Ive also had my taste of the law,with my use. But thats another story. In simple response to all that, I will use a lyric from bob dylans rainy day woman..."And I Would Not Feel So All Alone, Everybody Must Get Stoned"...I have found many many great uses for the best herb on the planet, from cookin,to art, to just sittin back and enjoyin my buzz, In fact with the cookin purposes,Im a culinary art student, and I actually convienced my teaching chef to allow your truly to use marijuana seeds in a salad, de-shelled of course,lol. Im 22 years old, I have a wonderful hippy girl-friend. I have 3 dogs and 2 cats. And I live in Ky.....Not sure what else to put at the moment, but if anyone would like to know more, feel free to msg me, or simply ask. Anyways it time for me to say goodbye for now.

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Hi and welcome to the forums. Thanks for telling us a little about yourself. I hope you'll keep posting. Try using your search button for any particular info you're looking for, and if you can't find it, feel free to ask the moderators. This is a great bunch of people, so you are in the right place. Have a great time!

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Welcome to the site! Thanks for telling us a lil bout yourself, it's always nice to know who we're chillin with ;-)

Keep smokin dat ganja boiiii! :rasta:
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