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Hello from Honduras!


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hey everybody ,

i just wanted to introduce myself, name is frank, 23 years old been smokin for 4 years now.. thank you for this website and community, currently in honduras , the normal weed here or schwag? is very cheap, but always grateful for it..:ganjamon: on the other hand, the good shit is vvvvvvvvvvvery expensive, and very hard to get, so i was reading trying to figure out how to grow some with 2 other friends, and my gf.. we all stoners.
And i found out that your website is very very helpful, we decided to use the LST method,.. with a 400W MH bulb (we're going to put it together instead of buying the whole kit to cut costs) in a room which lets say 6 - 8 ft square..
right now we're trying to prep the room, is it necessary to buy a humidifier? can we use the other thing that you just open and it absorbs water.. we're thinkin of filling out the room with mylar, if we do so is it still necessary to get a reflector? we're tryin plant seeds called pierre and humble. donno from where they got these names! i googled so far nothin.. i was wondering if there's a way to identify it.. one is light green with some umm gray lets say the other one is yellow.. hopefully when we start we'll try to get photos and post them here..:thanks:


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How many plants do you plan to have? With the space you've described, you should be able to fit about 10 plants in there at the most...if you only plan to have a few plants (2-3) then you may want to create a cardboard reflective wall (tape mylar to a large piece of cardboard) to wall-off a section for them. Being in Honduras, your humidity is probably already fairly high..?

The seeds sound okay - the greenish one may not be fully mature yet, but you can always germinate them in paper-towel first to make sure they get a tap root before putting them in the soil...


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Hello and :welcome: kaneh4bos
We be happy to help you anyway we can. :yahoo:
You can read about posting Pictures in the green links below.
Start a grow Journal... maybe?
We can help you find information you would like to look at, let us know we can help.

For more input on all your grow Questions Post them here,
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Hope to hear more.
See you in the forums.
Happy Growing! :thumb:
:roorrip: :peace:


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Hello kaneh4bos, :welcome: to the 420Magazine forums. :welcome:
Glad you found and joined us. :ganjamon:
Growing your own is always the way to go. :thumb:
We have expert growers here to help you get through the first grow.
Don't be shy, post often! I'll see you around the forums.


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Hey Guyz, thanks for welcome!! = D

well we just ordered on amazon soil ph, hygrometer, thermo, light timer, small renewable dehumidifier, and bought locally a HPS 400w kit, but since here is a very very hot place and humid too, we're thinking of filling the room with styrofoam, to help block the heat and to reflect light.. so far we have 15 seeds, 7 pierre (green) 6 humble (yellow) 2 purple.. so we're thinking of using the LST and the SCROG methods, we need some advice!! btw we have two bulbs , Metal halide and HPS, from the reading i understood Metal halide is better for vegetation , and HPS for flowering, my main concern as a first grow, to achieve a product! but since all the expenses are high, we're concerned about the yield.. as far as how many plants im plannin to keep? well i'd say as much as possible without affecting, yield or quality.. you guyz think the styrofoam would work, .. also, i dont know how to do with soil, costumer service here suck! lol, and i have no experience, is it better to prepare it by myself? its gonna take the things from amazon atleast a week or two to get here, so hopefully we'll have the room prep' and the seeds germinated..


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Are you a local or a Gringo? If you're a gringo,you're a walking cash machine as far as the cops are concerned. My advice would be not to grow yourself. Buy some good seed and have a local farmer grow it for you.

Hell,weed use is something you want to keep way on the down low there. About the only exceptions are the Caribbean coast and the Bay Islands where the Garifuna have used it for decades and it doesn't carry a big stigma

Honduran cops and the military are corrupt as hell. Give the farmer enough money to pay the local jefe off to look the other way in case there's trouble.

With the set-up you're talking about a) If you're busted,it's going to make the local news in a big way,setting your ass in some of the roughest assed prisons you can imagine,waiting for months or years for a trial. b) Electricity can be spotty as hell in Hondu in the best of times. Indoor growing isn't worth the expense or hassle.

I don't know where your at there,and you'd be wise not to say where on a public forum,but tell the locals your buying weed from you're looking for Punta Rosa. It's an old Colombian strain running at about 20-30 bucks a bag the last time I was down there. It's nice smoke.

There's a lot of good weed being grown in Belize and Guatemala,if you're up near the border. The price is cheap and the quality is solid. Don't buy from street touts and you should be ok.

Honduras isn't a place you want to get busted in. Running your own grow is just too risky if your not a local.


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Hey Firestone,
well i dont know when was the last time you've been here, but as far as the cops, your right, police and military are corrupt, which i try to look at it as a positive thing? get what i mean? the prisons are one of the roughest things your right, growin is illegal here, but from every 10 persons i met atleast 3 smoke.. as far as my friends or social group, 8 out of 10 smoke, we're a happy family that likes to listen to house minimal and go party and have a good time..!! we figured its worth it (me and my other two local buddies) to grow it and try to enjoy it, instead of buying it for 150$ an ounce, which is a lot in here.. specially if your a heavy stoner.. = D and who knows how long an ounce could last you.. i smoked ponta rosa, its really nice, but my goal actually if i get experience is to grow caramelicious, i fell in love with it since i saw it on AMS, and then in a thread with pics haha.. anyways, i want to know how much is the expected yield of 5 square meters, still in prep though. its very humid and hot here!! but soon we'll start!


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The cops being corrupt can work both ways. Using the old "Can't we do anything to make this go away?" if you get popped usually works. I'm just worried an indoor grow op would lead the local authorities to make an example of you if there was a bust. It would make for great press for an on the make prosecutor/police chief trying to make his political bones.

I was last down there in May of '09. My wife and her parents were originally from near the Nicaraguan border,but left for the States during the Contra War.

150 an ounce? Holy crap,you ought to shoot the SOB's trying to pull that one off. I paid 25 for a big bag of very nice,but seedy weed in May,and complained the whole visit because I thought I got ripped off? I guess with parts of Honduras becoming a hot tourist destinations,the weed prices are going to rise?

Be careful,have fun, and wave at the folks in their windows for me if you ever have the chance to fly into Toncontin.


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Hahaha!! ya filled with seeds, most of them are badly cured...etc
every now and then you get nice smoke.. hopefully our grow will give some nice fruit, and if you decide to come down here and im still in this nice community you'll try it ..hahha..right now im confused.. i need a cam... that way i can post many things..in the end we decided to cover the ceiling with styrofoam and paint all the place white..
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