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My handle is "Crazy G"..

I am an Old School grower, from way back.. Finding new techniques and types of strains alot to take in.. I am currently growing out of my home, in limited spaces, but finding that info avail in this forum/site, very useful and adaptable to my growing habits of past..

My returning to growing these days are more out of necessity, than out of pleasure, but is quickly becoming a great hobby for me these days. (Just wish I could take some of the frustration and anxiety out of it.) The cool thing is that now We dont have to be as perinoid as day of long ago..

I am a DIY nut.. If it makes sense, saves money and lets me "tinker" with ideas, I am "on board!" So I am hoping that once My grows get a little bigger and I can do this full time, there will be masses of pics to go with my postings... Okay, being a bit lazy too.... I am also a bit of a "Red Neck" so I am looking forward to bringing some spice to the forum as well..

Currently, I am growing several strains; Bubba Kush (but who isn't?), Big Daddy Purple, Blue Berry, and Bleau Cheese. to be exact.... Started with a cloner and seeds, for my first grow.. Believe it or not, I got a great start with seeds in my home made cloner system. (will share the spec's later on in another post, in a more appropriate area.)

Anyways, I am looking forward to "spirited" discussions regarding growing, vegging and harvesting MMJ. I have learned so much from everyone here over the last year, It's CRAZY!!! (HENCE THE HANDLE "CRAZY G")...

I am really looking forward to getting to exchange ideas, with everyone here..
Thanks for your time and interest, as little or much as that may be, and thanks to 420, for this forum.. It Rocks!!!

Happy Growing

Matanuska Valley

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Welcome to the forums of 420Magazine,
Thank you for joining 420 mission to spread cannabis awareness… :yummy:

MV... :peace2:


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whats up crazy 420mag is great hope u find every thing ur lookin 4 and have fun welcome 2 420magazine!!
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