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Hello, I am growing Afgoo, it is a mysterious plant?


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Well I cant post pics yet so I cant show u what I got. But I can tell u.

Flower room: 1000w HPS
Afgoo-week 7
Afgoo-week 6
Northern Lights-week 3
Majic Bean-week3
Afgoo-week 1

Vegg Room: 600w MH conversion
5 afgoo starts and one monsterous OG Kush

I have been growin for 15 months, I have harvested: Jacks Cleaner, Perma Frost, Skunk, Strawberry Cough, Afghani#1, Grand Daddy Purp, and a Jack Herer.. I grew all these in a scrog. I am now moving on to the perpetual grow. I have grown with: 250w MH, 400w switchable, 600w HPS, 1000w switchable. I specialize in: dealing with PM, spider mites, scrog, perpetual grows, tents, grow room construction and design( I am exframer)

All I am trying to do is find some Pics of an Afgoo in flower. I wanna compare pics. Peace out!


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So I have already googled it and read all the strain reviews, but very few people have grown it indoors. Afgoo is a female Afghani#1+a male Maui Haze. So the Afgoo is 75% indica. It is a stubby and bushy plant prone to PM and is considered for the more experienced grower, I am getting ther. SHOW ME THE AFGOO.


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115 views nothing. At this rate I will never get to 50 post so I can show u pics. 1st forum that has a user that has grown Afgoo is my bestfriend. When I Googled it, this site came up. But I cant instant message the dude to ask him questions. This is his 420name TruthSeekr420. Although he grew his outdoors from a seed, I would still like to talk with him. mikeydean, this is all I asked for from the snitches. Marijuanapassionforum is nothing but a bunch of snitches as whiners. They havent banned me and I started that thread "90% of u are hypocrits". U know why? cause it is the truth!

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My buddy grew out some Afgoo. It was decent smoke. He is a really good grower and he grew it out to the best that it's genetics would allow. He came out with some really nice .... very dense buds. And it smokes really well and tastes good. But ..... Afgoo just isn't one of those "One hit quitter" strains. It's an OK daytime smoke and is very pleasant, but not what I would call a strong med. Great for depression and mild pain relief. Good all around social smoke. Won't knock you out and won't cause you to get all parinoid either. It's worth growing out. But, it wouldn't be my first pick. It's great to use to mix with other strains ..... it's also good to use to cook with.

Don't get me wrong. It'll get ya high. Good social smoke.

OH .... don't post pics taken with your cell phone. It attaches your GPS coordinates and all kinds of other info to your photo. Use a normal digital camera to take pics. Then upload them to your computer and use your computer to upload them to 420. Once uploaded to 420, the site also strips your info from your pics. Just a heads up. Once you figure out how to post pics .... it's really easy.


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Thanks for the responses. Well it is a very popular in the Seattle area. I have smoked it countless times and is one of my favorites and Mutt thank u for the advice, these were takin from last years xmas present. A good canon. I am a medical marijuana patient in Wa. just got my card renewed. Good thing to, the new laws dont apply to me.

This Afgoo has got a couple more weeks. Those nugz are turning out better than the first one I harvested last week.



Oh yea snap into a Slim Jim:yummy:
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