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hello i am blackhippie21, i am a veteran smoker 5yrs plus and a novice outdoor grower and a rookie indoor autoflower grower and was just wondering if someone can mentor me in the autoflower side of things. i also have questions.

1. what light should i use for autoflowers. i have details my closet is the size of a modern house bathroom and is a walk-in and comes with a door. what light should i use its pretty big.

2. can someone give me there feeding schedule for autos because i heard its different amounts for autos cause there smaller and are automatically in the flowering stage.( i have foxfarm granular...ihave heard good things about this stuff.)

thank you will be forever grateful for helping me out/ mentoring me.

p.s. am a big fan of ricorico.....and yes people who dont have accounts on 420 do start to follow there favorites it just you cant see them or here wat they have to say cause there guest looking from the outside. but for those who do journals and dont get any replys someone is watching and loving what your doing:Namaste:
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thanks man.......maybe someone will tell me....cant wait till i start my grow journal


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hiya and welcome
cannot go wrong with ricorico he rocks as do many others here
as for lights and feed schedule i think thats like asking what is your favorite pie
high pressure sodium is still the king and those come in many sizes
sounds like you would need at minimum 400w but more is better
not seeing your set up makes it all guess work and preference
now LED lights are coming on strong they seem to put out good results with less heat
they are a bit expensive it seems to get proper ones
many people use cfl lights but that is best in smaller spaces with few plants
as for feeding hopefully an elder will chime in but i can say start slow,use the directions provided
with your brand but start at 1/4 or perhaps 1/2 strength and judge the reaction, once they have grown a bit and look well you can ease into a bit stronger mix
just watch them and react to what they tell you =)
planning is great but experience is where it's at
good luck and take care


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thanks guys.......and thank you yuyo for the help ill be starting soon so hopefully it works out.


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Welcome to the site! Rico is a mysterious creature said to be raised on a swamp in Dagobah, growing and smoking the finest herbs until he talks in tongues and then decided to share his new enlightenment of the force with his fellow green thumbs.

He's pretty awesome, if you meditate hard enough you may be able to communicate with him. Every time I try he sends me thoughts of puppies and fat nugs, both of which I love dearly.

If you have any questions feel free to hit me up I'll do my best to point you in the rite direction!
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