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Help please with Leaf issues, LED first time grow


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First grow, LED 300 lights with 100%Promix and OC+ for nutes. I have a grow journal but no one responding so thought maybe someone can help here. I'm using two feminized WW seeds and they both sprouted two weeks ago. They are under the same exact conditions and from same seed bank but one plant has been much weaker than my other. Temps are 73-82 and humidity is ~60.

Two issues in particular:

1) The leaves, especially bottom fan leaves, are all twisting and contorting. The other leaves are starting to curl slightly in spots (not all curling up or down, almost shriveling and deformed). I know this isnt the best picture and it really does show the full magnitude of this. The bottom fan leaves are completely contorting in all directions.

2) I'm on third set of leaves and one side is growing much faster than the other so it's completely asymmetrical now?

Also, the fan leaves are all significantly narrower than my other WW? I wonder if they just gave me a different breed by accident?

Just for reference, here is my other WW plant, which again under the same exact conditions is perfectly healthy:

Thanks in advance.
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leaf curl not good but reversable
what color are the leaf stems?
whats your preferance with ph?
what neuts. what strength of said neuts? temp. at the root balls location.
air circulaion do you have any?
watering-feeding schedule, what is it? always let the plant dry out to a slight extent. it does many different things that are very bennificial to thr rootball!


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hey guys,thanks for your help. This plant actually looks really healthy now, a week makes a big difference. My air circulation/ph/watering etc were okay I think and the other plants that sprouted at the same time (and same strain) were fine. Still not sure exactly what happened, but the curl was limited to the initial fan leaves and it's taking off now. I think maybe my LED light was too close in the beginning if I had to guess. Thanks again.


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just saw this. What distance do you have your LED set at above the seedlings? I don't put mine under the LEDs until they're ready for 12/12 (clones). Seedlings should be no closer than 24 inches and more like 36 inches until they have a little more growth. then when you flip them, keep them 12-18 inches above the canopy. Good luck on the WW.


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Steve, yeah I had mine less than 24 for sure as seedlings. Thought with the low heat on my led lights i could do close. Anyhow led man you are right the plant is doing fine now. Would love for you guys to follow my journal for future advice! Thx.


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gennetics play a bigger role than i expected, i grew for 4 yrs then had brain surgery because the lack of relief from the cannabis plant. this cannabis plant is extroradinary, with the proper or even close attention and care, YOULL BLOW YOUR MIND WITH THR RESULTS! i dont do high tech. i do buy quality everything, well worth it but sucks in the beginning! costs is why!
love and care play the next big influance! i was astonished at the results i found on this subject. my wife has to take care of my babies while i go to the drs. that trip is 400 miles from my house one way. i found out she was being mean to them while i was out of town. when i returned i was amazed at how bad they looked, they were watered so it wasnt that. a couple days later they were back to their freakin fast growen self!
at times folks get busy and dont quite have the time needed to do the best job possible. the cannabis plants are like chawowas, when youve given them so much attention and care they just want more! i wish i had a better attitude twards these babies. its tough though, when you have nothin else to pour yourself into its sad, especially when your as active as i used to be. ill bet folks think im fakin, i have a most beautiful outside garden! nothing like growing inside. i was shocked at the difference in the care needed!
in short, patients is key to growing amazing cannabis.
different levels of acomplishments are always there, the more you put into it the better the result is. key is to know whats good for your setup!
not everyones using the same room, even then the area your in influences the growth of the cannabis plant.
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