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I am growing hydroponicly in a 4ft x 5ft closet in my bedroom using led lights. Should I add a CO2 generator ( home made ) in there and also is it safe to breathe? I'm afraid they arn't getting enough air. Thanks
I don't think it is safe to breath, i would sort out the "i`am afraid they arn`t getting enough air issue before introducing co2. Are you extracting the air from the space and fresh air entering, Have you got a fan circulating the air inside space also? regards
By a home made CO2 generator I assume you mean something like a soda bottle with yeast and sugar? Those will make CO2 alright, but not enough to significantly affect the CO2 level. Short of you as a larger mammalian CO2 generator living in your closet with the door closed, you'll probably need to just go buy a CO2 tank, regulator, and needle valve.

You can Google "CO2 cannabis" and get a lot of good info and videos to get schooled up.

Best advice I think though is get everything else maxed out first: powerful lights, perfect feed regimen and soil, circulation, humidity control, temp control, etc.--then you do CO2 (if you still want to--max out all those others and you'll be growing some awesome bud).

I grow hydroponically in my bedroom closet ( 5ft x 4ft ) and I'm not sure they are getting enough air. should I install a CO2 generator ( home made ) in there and also is it safe to breathe? Thanks
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