LED lights, CO2 Generator and air exchange?


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I am a new grower and trying to find an answer to an air exchange question.

Running 4 x 600W LED's, a greenhouse master controller and a CO2 generator. Do I need to exchange the air as often as if I were running HPS's? I have to add heat because my grow are is in a cold storage room in a northern climate. Also have to dehumidify as the room averages 70 RH, probably somewhat due to the CO2 generator.

There are so many conflicting opinions on air exchange that I'm not sure what to do?
You never need to evac the air ever given what you said (unless the co2 levels drop below the outside atmosphere, which is very unlikely)

If you do not need to vent air to keep temps down, and have more co2 in your grow room then the normal air has, then you should never ever ever ever ever vent the air.
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