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Help with growin clones outdoors?


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I have 20 clones, 15 are Elephant Purple 5 are OG Kush. Ive been keeping them indoors under a light for about a month after i got them from the club. Most of them are a foot tall now. Ive been turning the light off everyday for 12hrs getting them use to the light change. I transplanted them into 12 gallon containers with some great soil with nutrients, and put them outside. They have been outside for 3 days and its been great weather around 80-85. The first day i noticed the small leaves looked a little wilted on the top which i expected, now today the 3rd day the leaves look bleached white as is if they got sun burnt, not all of them but some.. is this normal? this is my first outdoor grow..
Anyone know if im doin somthin wrong???


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Overall you did a great job, so kudo's to you.

How long were you putting them on 12/12? The entire month? Also it's still veg outside, so why 12/12?

In the future I recommend weening them into the outside environment. Possible go 3 hours outside, then back inside, then move up to 5 hours outside etc.

Until maybe you get up to 10 hours or something then keep them outside permanently.

But anyhow I'm sure your plants will bounce back and get better within another 3 days.

Pics of the leaves would be beneficial for us to give more tips as well.


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honestly this is my first outdoor grow so you know i had many different ideas come to me.. but what i jus ended up doin was puttin them outside under direct sunlight for most of the day. at first u could tell they were in shock and some of the leafs turned bleach white.. so i took them out put them under shade for a couple of days gettin them use to it.. now ive jus put them out for good and there doin great!! some leafs couldnt stand the direct sunlight so i jus pinched them off but the tops and botton are spirtin out new growth.. i think ill be jus fine. love the learning experience tho and next year i know exactly what i need to do, but im pretty sure this yr ima be BOOMIN ITstill lol.. Jus picked up some pineapple tia from the club heard thats got a good yield to it.. they have been under lights at night and shade durin the day. gna wait about a wk then transplant them and put em out.. cant wait!!!!!:thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb:
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