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Hi from MB Canada


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Hi Everyone,

I pretty uninformed about MJ. Very happy to have found this website.

Just turned 50 and started using MJ about 3 months ago. My intention was to use it as replacement for beer, which I enjoy, but makes me feel ill starting after only a couple of drinks.

The odor and smoke were a problem so I found out about vaporizers and ordered a magic flight box which work very well.

I'm not an official medical MJ user but I've learned that it's had a positive effect on my depression. I've been struggling with depression most of my adult life. Stressful events at work can trigger two or three sick days where I just drop out of life. Medication from my doctor can make me feel ok but doesn't help with the stressful events. But in the last months I've weathered several of these events, while not being high I should mention. I think the MJ has had some more beneficial effect on my depression than the meds my doctor prescribes.

That's my brief story. Looking forward to learning more.

EzPZ in MB


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Welcome neighbour! Glad you found this site. it is ripe with great info and great people. I also quit drinking 13 years ago and used MJ as a replacement. Worked fine for me. :)
Vaporizors are great if you have problems with smoking.
Enjoy your stay.


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Welcome to the forums of 420Magazine,
Thank you for joining 420 mission to spread cannabis awareness... :welcome:

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