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High to All from Gadgetman728


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High everyone, I thought I posted a hello here, but I belong to severl forums since taking up this new hobby. Shortly after a big bust in s. central Kansas, even schwag (sp) was too expensive, sooo... Last November I bought a few 5 gallon buckets and started gathering up Flour. fixtures and bulbs and off I went.

I used the biggest baddest looking bag seed I had, and was pleasantly surprised that I got 5 females out of seven seedlings.
Then on Jan. 20th, during the inauguration I planted 2 seeds given to me by an old friend, he said they were "Northern lights", but they were a couple of years old.
These 2 seed took off like wildfire, and had caught up with the older plants in no time.

Thanks to this forum, and all the great people here, I can say a few things.
1. Due to reading many posts, I was able to sort out what I needed and ordered "only" what I needed, in the order it was needed.
2. The grow journals are the greatest, and a picture is truly worth a 1000 words.
3.To all newbies, read read, read!

After a small disaster last night, Had a rack turn over, lost 2 babies and completely dumped 2 nearly full grown plants on to the floor. On the way down, they tore 2 lower branches of my oldest plant.

This isn't a complete loss, I now have my first taste of what I've been growing, it makes typing a little tough. Some I put in a paper sack. Some I put in a dehydrator at very low temp. the rest I cut up and shoved in a bong.

I give credit for any GOOD smoke I grow to the great people here at 420 Forums. I was headed to the local for some schwag, but saved that money today!
Thanks to everyone and have a great day, Gadget:rasta::peace:


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Wow, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. If you need anything were here ;)

When do you think you'll start your next grow?


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Hey Welcome, Damn tough luck man, happens to us all :) i've "Fictional" Grew For about 2 years now and it would be boring it if always went smoothly!

But welcome and i hope to see some pics :)


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I was mesmerized for about a month because everything was going smoothly. I was learning from here at the same time i was over watering and over MG'ing my poor plants to death.
As things progressed, I realized you have to replant and/or clone all the time at first until you get the stock you want. I saved what I could, drying the rest.

Thanks to everyone here, you're all great. I'll start a journal after I get my hydro system setup.
My RO system & TDS meter showed up this afternoon!:slide:

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High and welcome to the 420 community! We're glad that the forums have been so helpful to you, and think about starting a grow journal. That way we can all watch your garden grow, and you can gain personal advice from the growing gurus here at 420.

Peace and good growing :rollit:


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Gadgetman728! High and Welcome! Thank you for introducing yourself to all the members. Thank you for joining the site and taking advantage of it. I know that there is alot of good needy information here. Everything you learn you will use for your grow as well as other information talked about around the threads. Sorry to hear about the 2 babies you lost hope all gets better. Keep up the good work and good attitude +REp to you man.


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To Gadgetman728 - I can't send PM's until I get enough posts. Here is my reply to your hypothetical question -

A 10' x 10' x 8' room = 800 Cubic feet. Depending on how fast you want to vent the room will determine how big a fan or fans you would want. For example, if you want to move all the air out of the room in 1 minute you would need an 800 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) fan. Personnaly I do not like to blow into a room but would rather suck the air out because if you pressurize a room you can't easily control the leaks and that leads to odor control issues. You can put fans under a mobile home quite easily. There is usually a crawl space for plumbing and electrical and I have never seen one set directly on the ground. They need ventilation underneath to control moisture and give access to the sewer and other utilities. The question I would have for you is where will you get the fresh air to replace what you suck out of the room, and where are you going plumb the exhaust?


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hey Dizzy thanks for the reply,

The hypothet. was if I went under the house. The real is, I drilled a 4" hole in the floor, hung a small squirrel cage fan (125 cfm) from the ceiling by giant o-rings (reduces noise and vibration) and ran a flex hose from up high to the floor. To bring in fresh air, you gotta use your imagination a little.

My kitchen is next to my grow room, on the wall that separates them is all my cabinets and a nook for a microwave. The A/C vent is right in front of the microwave in the floor blowing straight up. I drilled a 4" hole behind the microwave, that enters the grow room on the opposite side of the room from the fan.
On the microwave side, I took the workings out of a cheap miniblind, and made a framework to slip a piece of filter material in.
On the Grow room side I inserted a 4" adj. ell and ran hose closer to the floor.

I hooked this up to a X10 module and edited the X10 timer program to turn the fan on for 15 min. off for 15 min. 24/7. So far it works great, but I only have a couple of plants right now. When I add more light and the abilty to grow more plants this won't be enough.

It's a work in progress, and my favorite hobby right now. :thanks::peace::rollit:


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Hey Gadget,

If the suspended squirrel cage fan is bringing air in from under the floor, and the A/C is bringing air in, how is the air coming in getting out. Sounds like you are pressurizing the room which may lead to odor problems.



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Sorry for the delayed reply, Dizzy. Right now the hose is on the discharge side of the squirrel cage, leading directly to the hole in the floor and under my house. When the fan kicks on, it draws the warm air from up high, blows it through the floor, creating a suction from the hole with an elbow on it aiming down low on the other side of the room. Cool air is coming in from the kitchen through a hole in the wall behind the microwave.
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