Historic Jackson verdict attorney Lance Rogers @ San Diego ASA


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San Diego Americans for Safe Access' photographer Mr. Bill West has released one of the videos that were taken on 12/08/09 at the bi-monthly San Diego ASA meeting with Jovan Jackson' expert defense attorney Lance Rogers of Turner Law Group, APC located in San Diego Ca.

Other videos including crowd shots during Q&A to be added soon, be sure to check back again for more.

This case means that Bonnie Dumanis has lost her ridiculous "fierce fight", as the jury found Jovan Jackson NOT GUILTY of all MMJ related charges. This was the first collective/cooperative trial in San Diego, Jackson was accused of "profiting" while managing a medical marijuana safe access storefront. Along with Jackson, there have been nearly one hundred (100) arrests for the same charges in San Diego County. Most have pled out and allowed themselves to be found guilty without a trial because of the major hurdles placed in every defendants way prior to trial by the prosecutor's office and San Diego court system.

According to Dumanis' prosecutor Chris Lindberg (a.k.a. Limpberg) who was the idiot "mastermind" of the Operation Green Rx which is a multi-agency drug sting operation that specifically targets San Diego County safe access delivery and storefront locations with the Bonnie Dumanis misinformation campaign that "all sales of marijuana is illegal".

The jury strongly disagreed with Bonnie Dumanis in less than four (4) hours of deliberation.
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