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Holland Twp. Closer to Medical Marijuana Ordinance

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Township leaders are now one step closer to finalizing a medical marijuana ordinance.

On Tuesday, the township planning commission approved regulations that would require proper licensing of properties used for growing or dispensing the drug. If passed, the regulation would ban dispensaries from the area.

Representatives from the licensed storefront Patient Solutions 420 have been following the proposal.

If it passes, the business would likely have to move out of Holland Township.

"We think we've done a good job proving to Holland Township that we deserve to stay here," says Monica Bakker of Patient Solutions 420. "We hope that the mood continues to change that that people realize that cannabis can be a really fantastic medicine for so many different ailments, for so many different people."

The proposal is on it's eighth draft. The measure is expected to be presented to the township board for a May vote.

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Andre Ramon

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I really wish the writer would identify the state/country/whatever in the headline. I suck at detective work. Unfortunately this is not Holland Twp. that is 10 miles from where I live.

Jim Finnel

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> Holland Township, Mich.

You can always use the source links found at the bottom of news posts to find any additional information you might want as well as the contact links.
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