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Horrible smell


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My 1st 6 were great and all smelled like fruit or candy.
Now I have their clones and they are smelling like fruit, very nice.
I had three hermies and one of them smelled like a dead animal or cat pee!
They were all budding and I pulled them. After that my biggest one, the candiest and fruitier and beautiful started to get that ungodly smell so I pulled it.
So far the rest are still smelling fruity. I smell them constantly and when the smell starts I will pull them as well. It actually seems like a fruit that went bad
and started to rot. I am doing the same thing I did the the 1st time.
So instead of harvesting because the tricomes are where I want them,
I have to harvest early. About 2 weeks out, I think.
Does anyone know what could cause this.
Thanks, gawcrea
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