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How long will it take for natural detox (heavy toker), please read.


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Okay, I live in a state that doesn't have medical marijuana or anything yet so it's still frowned upon. I have depression and other mental illnesses and I use marijuana in place of man made chemical medicine that is harmful to the body. For the past 7 or so years I've been a daily and constant toker. So I know I have a large amount of thc built up in my body and I've also in the recent ears become over weight due to pregnacy and extreme depression from losing a child etc. I currently weigh 250, 40 of that coming from my current pregnancy. My doctors know of my marijuana use and don't give me any issue as long as I test clean when I have the baby, so my question is : since September 4th I've only taken a few hits on two occasions since. I am due November 20th but I can go into labor anytime in November. I'm wondering if that is enough time for my body to clean out the thc if I cut out the fatty foods and do some exercising? Basically, has anyone else on the heavy side done this naturally? How long did it take you to get clean or do you think it will take me? I already plan on drug testing myself and all that but I would just like to hear anyone else's experiences or knowledge on the subject. Thanks. :peace:


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Because you are pregnant and that naturally tells the body to store fat it makes it even worse to detox. I imagine it will take you in the neighborhood of 2 months to get clean.
Nothing cleans your system of thc metabolites. They are the only drug that is not water soluble. Thc heads directly to your fat cells and stays there till you either burn them off or they die naturally in about a month depending on your metabolism rate.

Exercise and stay hydrated
Eat a high fiber diet with possibly adding some metamucil to help keep the bowels moving.
3 days before the test switch to a red meat high fat diet and quit exercising
Drink 36 ounces of gatorade the morning of the test
Pee 3 or 4 times before the test
When taking the test
Pee a little in the toilet first
Pee 2 ounces in the collection cup
Pee the rest in the toilet.

The reasons.
80% of your thc metabolites are removed through your stool. If the stool isn't evacuated the thc metabolites gets reabsorbed through your intestines and heads back to fat cells again. When you change to a red meat high fat diet it does 2 things. It raises your creatine levels to allow for more dillution so that you don't fail the test. The fat tells the body to start saving fat cells again for a few days so that the thc metabolites don't enter the kidneys and pass into the urine.

Midstream pee
The first and last of your pee is always the dirtiest. So use your midstream urine for the collection cup


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Loserkid, I would suggest getting some additional support for your depression. I struggle with similar problems and basically can't self-medicate anymore so I will be seeking some alternative forms of support for my issues. I hope the best for you and the baby. I would think the testing at the hospital would be a blood test when you deliver, but I'm not sure.
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