How much CBD is waste or too much

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We bought some CBD tincture. Seems like taking loads of it isn't a problem but how much is good enough? There has to be a point where you are just wasting. Are we talking 10 mg a day or more like 100 mg a day?


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There's really no definitive answer since each person's metabolism is different so, how much oil they can consume over a given period of time will differ, even for persons of the same size/weight. Also, whether you're taking CBD for general health or to fight some disease will impact the proper dosage.

Here's a good article that can help:


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A one page website dedicated to that specific question! Sweet. Thanks. I take between 16 and 32 mg a day. According to that website, this would be a reasonable amount. Good to know I don't need to cut my doze in 10 or increase them by 10.

I'm not trying to treat anything actually. Well... maybe a little anxiety here and there but nothing more serious.

Thanks again for the link