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how much would you pay?


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How much would you pay for an O. of White Widow? I live in Oklahoma


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I just bought a gram, for $16 in Cali. So I guess an 8th would be around $55 or $60. Ounces are usually discounted, so I guess they would be going for around $420.
However, that is in dispensary, and they quality is quite good. It's also grown organically.

I once lived in OKLA, and the supply was sporadic, and not that good.(at the time, it was all I knew of.) However, that was in 1986! haha
I say if you are getting anything green, and not brown, in that part of the country, then whatever they ask is enough.

Unless you guys have medical MJ. I seriously doubt it. Are women and minorities still allowed to vote there? hehehe jk :3: :smoke2:


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I had this conversation with a friend of mine who was outraged that the price for an ounce of Arian Haze #3 was $385 USD. Buying weed is like anything else in life, you get what you pay for :3: If you can wait for a better deal to come around then more power to you ;)


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I've been tokin for 35 years and I dont recall getting any brown weed, but being stoned for that long how could I remember? I expect we will have MMJ by the year 2135. the schwag we get here goes for $80 an O.


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I've been tokin for 35 years and I dont recall getting any brown weed,
brown=Mexican. Maybe there isn't as much there now. Or, I just mistakenly recall seeing it as mostly brownish in color compared to what Ive been accustomed to here in Cali.

I just passed the 27th year of my tokin' experience. I started when I was 16.

So anyway, what's an "O", of WhiteWidow going for in OK? :30: :hmmmm:


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$200 an O doesnt seem to be to bad a price.


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Excuse me,
while I step out side and test this green stuff for 80 a Z :3:

............. :60: ...

Tastes like Beaster weed(hydro/commercial)
Nice thick green buds with a hint of skunk and red hairs.
a few seeds, about half&half, half growable half not.

One joint and I have a great buzz,
we'll have to see if it grows(daBuzz)
and how long it lasts for finally grading :3:
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Around here an Oz usually goes for 180-220$. When you know the people you can get it for 160$. I've bought some great herb/Oz for 120$ when I had tight connections. But this is Canada, but I don't know if I would spend over 200$..


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Before MMJ, my steady source charged me $45 for an 8th. Unfortunately, what kind you got was unpredictable. Occasionally, I'd get low-grade stuff passed to me. Sometimes by mistake, sometimes on purpose. And, I always felt like I was imposing on whoever I was calling. It was an anxiety fest all the way around.

With MMJ, I get what I want, when I want. I'm glad I got to part of it in my lifetime. I've been waiting 27 years for such convenience. Hehehe. ;)

Sorry, I rambled a bit.
You know,...
a little Rhino Wreck,
a little White Widow,
and suddenly I forgot
what we were talkin' about.
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