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HPS Lighting question!


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If your going to spend $200 USD on a home depot spotlight why not just by a nicer system made for growing. The spotlight probably has a very intense focus of light in the center, but not alot of coverage.

Might I suggest ---> Worm's Way - Sunleaves Pulsar Two-Way Mini

I own one and I love it. This model will do both MH and HPS you just need to buy the bulbs. Also, wormsway is an excellent company and you will recieve your set-up with no problems or hassle at all.


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Ide stay away from that one dude...its gonna get hot since its meant for outdoor use and thats deffinately not good for growing, because it will burn your plants. Spectrum is right on point but its a spot light, not a growing light so it doesnt have complete coverage it will mainly be focused on one spot with minimal light around.


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listen to them. I spent 3 years trying to figure an alternative way since I don't live in an area where you can waltz in to grow store and buy lights. seems like every light at home depot I've tried, and the 1st time grew pretty plants but small resin-less buds that would not get you high, then went to mercury vapor where I did grow some pretty good shit, covered in resin but 2 plants gave me 1/8 ounce! talk about being pissed. go online and buy at least a 400 MH/HPS made for growing. I did and finally see what everyone was telling me. my old way, I'd flower for 3 weeks and just be showing sex. under this one in 1 week they showed sex, at 3 weeks had nice buds starting to resin up and 6 weeks had shit that looked like the giant bud pics you see on here. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME TRYING TO JACK WITH ALTERNATIVE LIGHTS. brother, I wish I would've gotten the point a few years ago, I wouldn't have had all the dry times that I did! peace.


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I did it once before with a 600 watt HPS. grow weed faster then outside :) and nice buds was able to have 4 5ft budded plants had to leave the door open abit to let the heat out.i would start with cfl for seedlies
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