Huge High-Tech Marijuana Growing Operation Busted

Jim Finnel

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Officers from several law enforcement agencies were on the scene, Wednesday, of what they are calling a huge high-tech marijuana growing operation in Palm Coast and, investigators said, the grow operation involved at least four homes.

Investigators said they found hundreds of pot plants in the homes on Fleetwood Street. They believe it was part of a nationwide operation.

Deputies, Wednesday, were still tearing a major drug operation out of the Fleetwood Street house, one of at least four, possibly five locations where a group was growing high-value marijuana.

Inside the house, a growing operation was set up that sheriff deputies, who have been on the job for years, said is one of the most high-tech and significant operations they have ever seen.

In the Fleetwood Street house alone, there were up to 150 plants and, deputies said, they are not your average marijuana plants. They said it's what they call lawyer-grade dope. It is high quality, high value and likely sold for anywhere from $4,000 to $5,000 a pound.

Sheriff's deputies said it's possible the weed was sold not just across the county or across the state, but across the nation. At least three houses in the neighborhood had rooms dedicated to the operation.

At least six people have been arrested in connection with the case, but the operation is not over. More details are expected to be released Wednesday afternoon.

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