Human Rights Violations by USA Fed Against USA Citizens


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I would like to put to the Bringing Human Rights Home Lawyers' Network, and human rights law students, the project of taking on the persecution Medical Marijuana patients and businesses as a national and international human rights case.

Cannabis a scientifically tested harmless weed people can make their own medicine from without going into debt for chemical medicines that are publically tested and proven to cause more harm than good, and unnecessary doctor visits and treatments; both combined to be the number one cause of debt and bankrupt in the USA.
Medical Marijuana has over 28,000 proven medical uses. Tested and researched internationally for over 5,000 years in countries such as China and Tibet. Proven and tested in the USA over the past 30 years for maladies such as PTSD, chemotherapy side effects, OCD, arthritis, nerve pain, chronic stress, obesity, cancer, and hyperactivity. Medical Marijuana also puts hundreds of millions of dollars into state coffers to improve education, community, and emergency services. The medical cannabis dispensary, specialized accessories, and farming industries employ over 200,000 people in California alone.

In today’s educated government system it is not ignorance it is lobbying money from chemical medicine companies that cause governments to persecute people in places were they have voted for Medical Marijuana to be legal and licensed.

The USA Federal Governments persecution of Humans involved with Medical Marijuana is putting hundreds of thousands of people out of work, taking hundreds of millions of tax dollars out of local and state budgets, and putting people out of their homes and making them dependant on government benefits and services that are loosing funding. It is spiraling out of control and putting the country’s economy and it’s people further and further into strife with no hope in sight.

This attacks the American Government’s sanctity of incorruptibility, because to persecute human beings and legal citizens for what they have legally voted for, in favor of something that puts the same people into dept and chemical dependency, is slavery.

This is a direct attack against the people for what the people have legally voted for.
This attacks people’s jobs, homes, medical aid, and mental health.
This attacks the rights of state legal tax paying citizens and businesses.
This attacks a citizen’s right to vote for what they want in their community.
This attacks a human’s right to medical attention that will not harm them.
This attacks a human’s right to freedom from slavery.

Below is quote from thoughts on 420 Day 2013 in San Francisco, to maybe help see how this is not a hippie thing. Also check news readers, such as Zite, for medical cannabis news to get updated on how big and popular the industry really is amongst the people, the humans and their rights you have studied to defend.

“Maybe it is time for us all to do some homework on Medical Cannabis and rethink stereotypes, we need to see what is really going on, instead of what we think is going on. I’m a resident of Haight Asbury since 2000. I live 2 blocks from Golden Gate Park and went to the Hippie Hill 420 flash festival. Yes it was trashed badly and yes they left a big mess and gave Medical Cannabis an undeserved bad rap. They weren’t hippies, nor were they Burning Man costumed freaks. Most were under 30 years of age and wore street gang and rapper style clothing, some with gang colors, lugged in gas BBQ’s on big gas guzzling trucks, and glued to their cell phones. But it was mostly peaceful and the baseball bats I saw hidden under gang jackets stayed hidden, and some of the gang colors mixed and 420 and laughed together as friends. If Medical Cannabis dispensaries could organize these events in their own neighborhood parks, and dispense education and signage on cleaning up after one’s self and looking after the parks, 420 could be a perfect day. It might even bring gang peace and new funding and volunteers for local parks in your neighborhood, instead of trashing ours;-) Deborah Paulino, Haight Ashbury, San Francisco, California, USA. April 22, 2013. Please pass this on to your local Medical Cannabis dispensary.”

Thank you for you time and interest.
Deborah Paulino

Well human rights transgression by the Feds has hyped up into overdrive. Seems a lot of the Jan 6 protesters are still in jail without bail for more than a year and a half. On the other hand the Feds have recently been kicked in the administrative states gonads with the Va V. the EPA requiring federal agencies to regulate within the legislation congress passes. Meaning the DEA keeping Cannabis on schedule 1 is an agency over reach. I hope you look into this.
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