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I dont understand


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its my 4 th grow and it dont succeed all of them 5 seeds die to me its star good but after 1-2 days they dry out whyyyyyyyyyyyyy :hmmmm:
they in bidoom with 28 temp and 30 humidity with air conditioner .
but whay (5 seeds grin spirit female die to me) demmmmmmmmmmm :hmmmm:
i need to get 5 seeds of skunk1 female what i need to pay attention .
it is not my first grow so what the fuck going on with them.
it is sumer her but they have all the condition
demmmmmmmm i am nervous
i prepare the grow prepare for this grow and now what i need to be wait antel the seeds will caming and after thet to be succeed
what you say :hmmmm:


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Try a different method of germination, there are several different ways, I personally use the paper towel method and I've had about 95% germination rate with it.. I suggest trying something different if that doesn't seem to work for you.. Also it really might depend on where you got your seeds from, if they were damaged then most of the time damaged seeds will not germinate..

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