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i remember giving a girl her first high.

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me and my brother try to recruit people into smoking weed to expiercence its culture.if somebody has never tried weed we will ask them to smoke a phat bowl with us once just to see if they like being high.had this girl that wanted to try it so me and my brother smoked her the fuck out room was cloudy we told her instructions how to use a bong.so she ripped bong hits with us for about a hour.then we asked her if she was high she said i cant tell my eyes are real lazy and i feel different.then out of nowhere she said will you take me to taco bell im hungry.we busted out laughing and said at the same time yup your high taco bell wouldnt be open unless no stoners didnt work there.after she ate and came down on her buzz she said she didnt want to get high again said she didnt feel like she had control in what she was doing.i tried but she didnt like it maybe one day she will see the light
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ya we did get her blazed thats how me and my bro smoke out ppl let them know what were about when your around us.dudes plan sounds good plus twins toking doesnt get no sexier then that
Hahaha you guys are great. I tell my friends i want to do that and theyre like "what the fuck..youre sick" i am like..cmon it will be fun.. o well any of you guys live near New Hampshire? heh there is this one girl i met though. i think shes into me. she goes to this catholic school and i mentioned to her about pot and shes like.."so pot..you just roll it up in a piece of paper and smoke it right??" i was just laughing and laughing. She doesnt even know what a bong is.. She sort of wants to try it so wish me luck guys ;) oh and shes got these gorgeous blue eyes.. love them blue eyes