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I think this is N deficiency, over-watering maybe?


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Hello, seems like I got some N deficiency, now the problem is I don't know what might be causing it, unfortunately I can't provide PH level as of yet, since I can only be with the plants on the weekends (someone else is taking care of this, but they're a bit inexperienced =/, in any case, it can't be help, trying to do my best with what I have).

I left some filtered water, with reverse osmosis and tea made with worm fertilizer, to water the plants for two weeks, but it doesn't seem to have helped =/. I saw the signs two weeks ago, that's why I left the fertilizer.

Now from what I understand, two things might be happening, the PH isn't correct (which I'll check tomorrow once I get there) or, my friend's been over watering them, diluting the nutrients.

Or maybe I'm missing something, hopefully someone can just put my mind at ease because I want to be ready to act once I get there. They don't seem to be too far gone, just let me know if with the right treatment they can get back to growing healthy.



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Looks like its starting from the bottom. My guess is nitrogen deficiency . How old, what is your fertilization program and water schedule ?
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