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I'm completly new to this!


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.....but I'm a fast learner and love to be techie!

I have searched the forums for answers to these questions, but always seem to fall through the gap when it comes to answers! I'm in the UK and intend to go for a 'stealth grow'. I'll decribe what I think I want but please feel free to correct me.

GROW ROOM My room is about 2ftx3ftx6ft and will be enclosed with a polythene backed diamond mylar curtain, this room in turn will be inside a small closet/cuboard about 4ftx10ftx8ft, There is NO ventillation in this closet, do I need to address this?. How best should I ventilate the grow room? I intend to grow aeroponically and have gone for the aerospring system. I'd like to supplement CO2 so should I have a passive ventilation inlet and fan outlet? Should the inlets and outlets be at top or bottom? Do I need to prevent CO2 entering the aerospring system? Is there any advantage to increasing the O2 percentage inside the aerospring and using airstones? Should the aerospring be well sealed from the rest of the enviroment. I have been offered cuttings/clones but I will probably go for (feminized) seed due to concerns over disease, quality and yield. I'm thinking of going for 4 plants, but should I go for 6?.

LIGHTING This is a nightmare!! I'm probably settled on Flourescents but which??? Originally I intended to go for 5ft T5 suspended vertically in each corner, I intended to use the syvannia Gro-Lux 58w tubes then I thought CFL would be better, I just cant decide!!! Please advise. There also seems to be an awful lot of LED options available on ebay but most look a bit cheap and nasty, especially compared to the systems being sold in the US. Having said that their is a huge price differance. Any UK boys and girls using LED, are they any good? As the entire room is lined with diamond mylar, is there any need for lamp reflectors?

The Grow
As I'm sure you know seeds are not illegal in the uk, so I'm guessing that I can pretty much get anything. Does anybody have any recommendations. Yield is quite important to me, since I won't be able to grow very frequently and as described I think I'm looking at a maximum of 4 plants. Can anybody reccommend a supplier?

I've purchased an aeroponic propagator to start the grow so some advice about this would be cool. ie how to 'mount' the seeds and then transplanting the seedlings into their final grow site. What size baskets should I go for in the aerospring?

I'm pretty clear on the veg stage but very unclear on the flowering stage. I appreciate that going from seed, I run the risk of growing males, how early will I be able to spot them? Is a mother simply a plant used for cuttings? Since I'll be going aeroponic, how best should I support the plants? I was thinking of suspending garden netting like the type used to support pea plants and the like, Is this a good solution? How do I initiate the flowering stage, How long will it go on for? I think I'm right in saying that light during the veg stage should be 12-16 hours but what about flowering? I'm very confused on this and seem to be reading contradictory posts!

Well I guess that seems to be it for now. Sorry if you think I'm taking the piss, but I really have searched for answers, and I'd be very grateful for any advice or tips

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BTW I'd also be very happy to read posts/articles in the forums addressing the questions I've raised, so if you know of such a post please give me a shortcut
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