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In-door Marijuana Growth Up, But So Are Arrests

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Area law enforcement did their share in 2007 as part of an effort to eradicate the marijuana plants in Michigan.

"A total of 1,267 hemp plants were destroyed in Hillsdale and Lenawee counties," said Lt. David Cook, head of the Office of Monroe Narcotics Investigation Team known as OMNI.

Of those 429 were found in Hillsdale County and 738 in Lenawee County. Statewide, Michigan State Police are taking credit for destroying more than 35,586 plants this year.

Across the state, enforcement and eradication efforts lead to a total of 284 arrests and confiscation of 298 weapons in 2007. In comparison, 2006 saw fewer arrests (249 ) and fewer weapons found at grow sites (213 ).

An increasing number of the illegal plants are found indoors, according to an MSP statement on the success of the 2007 Domestic Cannabis Eradication and Suppression Program, formerly known as Operation H.E.M.P.

A federal grant funds the program through the Drug Enforcement Administration. Michigan State Police administers the program in the state of Michigan.


The Office of Monroe Narcotics Investigation Team has eradicated a total of 1,267 marijuana plants in Hillsdale and Lenawee counties as part of the 2007 Domestic Cannabis Eradication and Suppression Program:

- Hillsdale: indoor/21; outdoor/408; total/429

- Lenawee: indoor/178; outdoor/560; total/738

Total both counties: 1,267

Source: Office of Monroe Narcotics Investigation (OMNI)

"Michigan is a popular state for illegal marijuana growing because of its fertile land and remote areas," said Col. Peter C. Munoz, director of the Michigan State Police.

"Marijuana plants are commonly cultivated in farm fields, backyards, forest openings, along drainage ditches, and on the shores of lakes, rivers and swamps."

This year saw a doubling of plants grown indoors. The number grew from 5,897 in 2006 to 12,388 plants in 2007. State police believe the increase reflects efforts to avoid detection outside.

Officers also noted weapons are being discovered more often at most indoor grow sites as well as in the homes of suspects in outdoor grow sites.

Investigators are also increasingly facing surveillance cameras and motion sensors. One outdoor site was also equipped with crude booby traps.

Michigan State Police request the help of anyone who believes they know the location of a marijuana–growing site. Call (### ) ###–HEMP (#### ).

Callers can remain anonymous. Individuals should not attempt to take action themselves but should report the site to authorities as soon as possible.

Source: Hillsdale Daily News
Copyright: 2007 Hillsdale Daily News
Contact: Jan Bellamy, Staff Writer
Website: Hillsdale.net


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lol good point. pot should be legal everywhere. even in prisons.lol
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