interesting issue thet need solution please


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ok her is my problem.....
i grow to difrant fimale plant.
one jast start the 8 week in 12/12 with ripen and the ather in 8 week normal she had mor 3-4 week antel she can start the ripen.
my q is...........
i separate them from the galon they set togther ther.
and now everyone had galon from himsalf.
i used in water pamp and air pamp before and now i cant use it for two of them.

how many time do i need to feed them like this when i dont use with all the pamps water?????:hmmmm:
i whant they finsh good they look good antel now and i dont whant thet this transformation will cause to problem .
i mike 2 separate galon with all the fertilization 3L to water then jast tel me how and if i need to water allso the root sistem (in the water pamp she do all the work with out worry):hmmmm: :hmmmm: :adore:
yo yo darling.
i am in the 5 day in ripen with "the charch" but separated from the "super silver haze" because of she not stat to be redhead she had a time.but for her she start to be redhead allmost 70 % from her bady.
i give them water separated 2-3 time a day its depends but i up new pic tomorrow so you will see my lovley girles :allgood:

:adore: :adore:

i tike a risk
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