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Hello everyone,
First time posting on this website so I thought I'd give a little background so you can get where I'm coming from and then possibly someone could give me a hand getting my first grow off the ground.

I am a retired US marine and I am 100% disabled. I bought into all the propaganda early on and just like a good marine I hated bud just as much as the heat in Iraq. I hadn't ever used marijuana prior to enlisting and it wasn't until after my second tour as an Infantry marine that the issues really started setting in, and I tried it. Wow, I felt stupid. Over the past year since I went and got my prescription everything has changed. My marriage has never been stronger, my grades have improved, my outlook, everything. I have been able to quit all of my ptsd medications that the VA was shoving down my throat, all of which had horrible side effects. I don't want to bore anyone with details, I just want to convey that it truly has been a blessing.

Anyways, when i enlisted and took the ASVAB my mechanical score was pathetic. I am borderline retarded when it comes to designing anything, let alone actually building it. I'm taking a shot in the dark and seeing if maybe someone could just show me the way and get me started. I am just so tired of paying so much for something I could grow myself. The only issue is I have never grown a plant in my life. I have been reading quite a bit and believe that I could wing it, I just would love an experts opinion. My plan for this space is to just be the vegetative room and in the weeks following I think I'm going to get a 3x3 grow tent for a flowering room? I don't really know. All the reading in the world doesn't help much when you have traumatic brain injury and can hardly remember your own kids birthdays offhand.

I have a local caregiver with clones. I guess basically I'm just looking for a comprehensive equipment list that I'd need to get it going. If this were your space, how would you do it? There's a really nice hydro store down the street with most all equipment id need, or I could just order it online.

Anyways thanks in advance for stopping by my post and if you have any questions or need more pics or anything just let me know.





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welcome aboard brother,
hope things work out for ya.

did you know that on the cancer.gov website, they ptsd is in the list of stuff that cannabis helps.

the cabinet you show is a little short.
you can learn alot here.
learn as you grow.


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Well I took your guys advice and just purchased a 24x48x60 grow tent online because construction is out of the question. (renting apt) So I guess now I just need supplies for it.


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Hey Hoobie,

First off, thank you for your service in the military.

The two biggest things in growing are giving it enough of your time, and research. DIY building stuff is just fine. No need to worry how well it is put together ( duct tape works wonders). So just keep reading, come here and ask direct questions. Not like "what is the best...", but more like "I like DWC, and I'm thinking of doing it this way... will this work?".

Good growing is from experience over time, which means there may be mistakes. Just like in the military, it always helps to have a well drawn out plan. Some things to figure out are, soil or hydro, light setup, ventilation, nutrients, odor control (if needed), humidity control, and power.

HTH, Keep the faith.



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Read .. read ...read ...
and then ask detailed questions, and hopefully with some pics.

be patient.

also, soil tends to be a bit more forgiving, and organics even more so.

I would start that way.

Mr. Krip

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Hoobie, first, welcome to :420: and thank you sincerely for your service to our country!

I am happy to help any way I can. On the first page of my first journal (link in my sig), you can see the cabinet I put together along with links to the equipment I'm using. Not that you should use the same or similar, but it is a point of reference.

Your concerns for your grow setup, now that you have your space worked out, are the following:

- Lights (veg & flower)
- Ventillation
- Odor Control
- Grow medium
- Nute Regime

There are numerous choices in each of these categories. So, feel free to ask questions and best wishes for a healthy harvest!
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